Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Can Avoid

Having a clean home with clean carpets is something we all want but thinking that cleaning your carpets is easy or can be done by just anyone isn’t really accurate.  Before you book someone in to clean your carpets or even trying to do it yourself you need to know what the best method is for prolonging the life of your carpet.  Here are some carpet cleaning mistakes that you can avoid.

Leave Stains to Set

If you have a family then things are going to get spilled on your carpet, it is inevitable, but it needs to be cleaned right away.  Liquids like coffee or juice can seep deep down into your fibers leaving smells and even allowing mold to grow.  Having dirt and stains in your carpet can break down the small fibers ruining your carpet.  If something gets spilled then it needs to be cleaned immediately to avoid having to replace your carpets too soon.

Scrubbing at Stains

Once you get a stain in your carpet you may be tempted to scrub at it to remove it, not the best idea.  Yes, scrubbing will probably take out the stain but at the same time you are grinding away at the fibers and that damages them.  You are better off blotting the stain with some towels, let the towels absorb the material and then you can try a chemical stain remover to get the rest out.  Here is the proper way to remove stains from carpet.

Too Much Water When You Clean

Using too much water when you steam clean your carpets leaves you with a big mess that is really hard to soak up and then you can end up with mold.  If this happens you’re going to have to try and dry your carpets with your steam cleaner.  Be very careful of the cleaning products that you use and don’t add more than the recommended amount of the solution.  Some of them if they are not diluted properly can damage your carpet fibers.  Some of these chemicals can be toxic in sufficient amounts so only use what the label recommends.

Not Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

A lot of homeowners don’t want to pay for the services of a carpet cleaning company thinking it is cheaper to do it themselves.  Not necessarily the case, there is a lot of work involved plus the expense or renting all of the equipment and buying the detergents that you need. A carpet cleaner already has all of that stuff plus they have the expertise to remove pet odors and everyday stains that happen. For example when we interviews an expert carpet cleaning company and they told us that the actual cost to fix a DIY carpet cleaning job can actually cost one and a half time to double the normal cost. As the mess that was made needs to be fixed. And depending on how bad the DIY job was, it might not be fixable and new carpet will be needed.